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Taco Stuffed Avocados


Taco Stuffed Avocados


1 lb. Ground beef
1 Parcel of taco seasoning
½ Onion chopped
1 C. Destroyed taco mix cheese
4 Tbsp. Acrid cream
4 Tbsp. Salsa
¼ C.Green onions chopped
2 Ready avocados


Heat the ground hamburger and onion in a skillet over medium tall warm on the stove. Cook until the meat is totally browned and the onions have softened.
Drain any abundance fat from the skillet.
Sprinkle within the taco flavoring and mix the meat to combine.

Cut the avocados in half longwise and expel the pit.
Scoop out the substance from the interior of the avocados.


Fill the avocado shells with the taco meat and best with destroyed cheese, acrid cream and salsa.
Add green onions for embellish some time recently serving.

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