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Slow Cooker Christmas Roast Pork Recipe

Slow Cooker Christmas Roast Pork Recipe


Slow Cooker Christmas Roast Pork Recipe

This Christmas Roast Pork tastes heavenly even though it only contains 5 ingredients

As a mother who is always on the go, preparing for Christmas can be a challenge. This is why I love my slow cooker, especially for the holidays. It’s my secret to making a delicious Christmas dinner with minimal effort. My favorite Christmas recipe? Christmas pork roast in the slow cooker.It’s a crowd-pleaser that’s incredibly easy and only requires five basic ingredients.

One Christmas, in the middle of the usual hustle and bustle, I was late and stressed because I had to prepare the banquet. Then my slow cooker came to the rescue! I tried this roast pork recipe and it was a revelation: a juicy, flavorful main dish that left my family wanting more. This recipe has now become a popular Christmas tradition in our house.Why you’ll love this pork roast for Christmas dinner: , Effortless preparation: With just 5 simple ingredients, it’s a breeze for busy Christmas cooks.
Cooked slowly and perfectly – the pork is tender and juicy every time.

festive aromas: rosemary, thyme and garlic give the roast a Christmas atmosphere.
Stress-free cooking: Spend more time with your family and less in the kitchen.
Slow Cooker Holiday Pork Roast Recipe



1 (5 pound) pork loin roast

2 onions, sliced ​​

2 tablespoons garlic-herb seasoning mix (I prefer McCormick)

2 cups chicken broth

Salt to taste



Start by browning: Brown the pork roast to enhance its flavor.Layer Flavors: In your greased slow cooker, lay the sliced onions, then place the seared roast on top. Pour the chicken broth around it.

Slow Cook to Perfection: Cover and set your slow cooker on low for 9-10 hours, or on high for 6-7 hours, until the pork is tender and thoroughly cooked.
Serve and Celebrate: Pair the pork roast with your favorite holiday sides for a memorable feast.

This Slow Cooker Christmas Pork Roast is more than just a meal; it’s a time-saver, a stress-reducer, and a guaranteed way to delight your loved ones.So this holiday season, let your slow cooker do the heavy lifting and enjoy the joy of a fuss-free, festive dinner!


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