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Honey Yogurt Fruit Salad Recipe


Honey Yogurt Fruit Salad Recipe


Chew is running a contest to “find the next Weight Watchers Chef.” Last week on the show, two Weight Watchers contestants had breakfast, and my favorite was Lisa Fontanesi’s “Fruit Salad with Yogurt Dressing.” My fruit salad turned out very different from Chew’s, but I wanted to let you know where the inspiration came from.

I like the idea of ​​using seasonal fruits, but there is a small window where citrus is in season and fruit is available at the same time. When I got my fruit salad I discovered that the citrus fruits were great but the fruit was from Mexico and very expensive. I used dried fruit.

I added walnuts to this salad upon my sister’s request. This salad made perfect sense to me since it contains apples and walnuts and apples are a match made in heaven.

Major changes in breathing patterns; honey instead of sweet. This is my chance to be the Weight Watchers chef! But hey, honey has to be good, right? Moreover, there is not too much honey in one serving. I love yoghurt this way, it’s a great combination, sweet honey and spicy yoghurt.

Inhalation method involves red grapes. I love red grapes, but in this recipe I found them too toxic for my taste. Use the paste.


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