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Heated Chicken Thighs


Heated Chicken Thighs



°4 onions, peeled and quartered
°60 ml (¼ glass) olive oil
°4 chicken thighs with skin on
°8 unpeeled garlic cloves
°45 ml (3 tbsp.) chopped coriander
°1 lime, for juice
°10 ml (2 tsp.) dark pepper, cracked
°30 ml (2 tbsp.) honey


Put the grill at the central point of the broiler. Preheat broiler 200°C (400°F).
In skillet on medium-high concentrated, carmelizing onions in 30 ml (2 tsp) of the oil.


In an gigantic preparing dish, solidify the chicken thighs with the onions and the other fixings with the special case of the nectar. Salt. Brush thighs with honey.

Heat for 1 hour or until the chicken tissue viably disengages from the bone, treating the thighs with the skillet presses somewhat through cooking.Show with pineapple and pepper ketchup (see formula) and a green vegetable, like shriveled spinach.

Enjoy !

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