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Woman shares photo of ‘spaghettified’ chicken breasts


Woman shares photo of ‘spaghettified’ chicken breasts

Irving, Texas mom Alesia Cooper wanted to know what was wrong because the chicken breasts she ordered looked like spaghetti as soon as she started cooking them. That’s why she published her photos. 97 was preparing meals for my children and this is how it turned out (SIC). Cooper went into great detail.

It looks like fake meat, but I’m not sure…” Cooper continued, adding that the meat was purchased from Aldi. I haven’t cooked boneless chicken since.

Comments that the photo is full As you can imagine, those who expressed their concerns and opinions “Since the number of chickens could not be produced in recent years due to bird flu and lack of resources, they announced last year that they had found a way to make chicken in the laboratory and now you can see it in stores,” one said.

Won’t buy anymore,” said another. This meat doesn’t come from a lab or a 3D printer. Eggs are laid by real chickens. “When Chickens Are Scared

Chickens are given growth hormone by their producers, which makes them grow even more,” he said.


According to Wall Street, when chickens are given drugs to increase their size, they develop breasts that resemble spaghetti and even a face that resembles spaghetti.

Modern chickens reach a market weight of 5.03 pounds in 47 days, compared to 2.5 pounds in 112 days.

“If chicken consumption remains at current levels, chickens may need to grow larger… We will also need to increase the proportion of breast meat in each bird.” Dr. from Ohio State University Poultry Research Center. Michael Lilburn

“What people don’t realize is that consumer demand is driving the industry through change,” says Lilburn. They ask a lot of legitimate questions. Additionally, Liburn said, most Americans don’t care where their food comes from as long as it’s not expensive.

For our own well-being and the health of our children, we need to be very careful about what we eat.
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