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Hen on Nest Dish


Hen on Nest Dish



This is a vintage glass dish in the shape of a hen, which sits on a nest-like base. The dish is often made of colored or clear pressed glass and comes in two parts: the hen as the lid and the nest as the base.

Historical Context:

  1. Mid-20th Century Popularity:
    • These dishes were popular from the 1930s through the 1960s and were produced by various glass companies.
    • They were often used as candy dishes, decorative pieces, or even for practical storage of small household items.
  2. Collectible Item:
    • Today, hen on nest dishes are collectible items, valued for their nostalgic and decorative appeal.
    • They can be found in various colors, sizes, and designs.


  • Decoration:
    • Can be used as a charming decorative piece in a kitchen, dining room, or living room.
  • Storage:
    • Useful for storing candies, small trinkets, jewelry, or other small items.
  • Collecting:
    • A popular item among vintage and antique glass collectors.

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