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Cucumber Chomps with Herb Cream Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes


Cucumber Chomps with Herb Cream Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes


These are incredible for a number of reasons… Flawlessly colorful, a genuine standout of a dish. Simple, Truly Truly DIY Simple to form and fetched viable, The total plate of approximately 36 appetizers will come in at approximately a quarter each!


Perfect dish for a catering appetizer or side dish, Extraordinary for a pass a plate PotLuck occasion or any enormous family gathering.



Only some of uncommon needs… A little sum of abilities with a channeling pack to urge the swirly star influence within the Cream Cheese. And a melon baller to evacuate a parcel of the cucumber cuts.

Be Happy and ENJOY!

Keep looking over down for the simple to take after recipe.


4 Ounces (1 Brick) Cream Cheese, Mollified to room temperature
1/4 Glass Farm Dressing (Yes, great ancient Covered up Valley)
2 TBS Dill (can utilize other spices… Thyme is amazing also)
3-4 Long Cucumbers. cleaned and Cut into thirty 1 inch slices
15 Cherry Tomatoes, cut in half


Additional Sprinkle of Salt (to Taste, Cautious, small goes a long way

Additional Sprinkle of Flavor (same as utilized in Cream Cheese) for Garnish

Additional Sprinkle of Paprika OR a Cajun Zest Blend (discretionary) for Embellish (and an additional kick in the event that you utilize the Cajun Mix)


1) To begin with, Make up the HERB CREAM CHEESE, in a stand blender, blend the mollified Cream Cheese with the Farm dressing and herbs. Blend until well combined.Spoon into a channeling sack with a star tip.


2) Get ready the Cucumber, evacuate peel, Employing a fork, score the sides. Cut into 1 inch pieces. Employing a melon Baller, expel a parcel of the center of one side of the piece of cucumber, taking off a half moon crater.

3) Pipe the Herb Cream Cheese into the hole.Sufficient to stay out of the best almost 1/2 inch.
4) Include a half Cherry Tomato somewhat buried into the Herb Cream Cheese

5) Sprinkle extra salt, herbs and flavor blend for additional color. Chill within the cooler until prepared to serve.
6) Serve Chilled and ENJOY!

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