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Club Sandwich Sliders


Club Sandwich Sliders


• 1/4 container softened butter
• 1 clove minced garlic
• 1 (12 pack) slider rolls (I utilized Ruler Hawaiian Rolls)
• 1/2 lb daintily cut store turkey
• 1/2 lb meagerly cut shop ham
• 4–6 cut cheddar cheese
• 6 cuts cooked bacon
• 4–6 pieces of lettuce
• mayonaise
• cocktail toothpicks


In a bowl, combine dissolved butter and garlic. Keep rolls together and cut rolls on a level plane. Brush both sides with liquefied butter. Put on a heating sheet and broil until golden.
Layer cheese, ham, turkey, bacon, and after that lettuce on the foot half of the rolls.Spread mayo over the beat of the rolls.
Place beat of rolls on. Put toothpicks into each slider and cut into person sandwiches. Makes 12 sliders

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