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Best Mango Coast Formula: Sweet, Delicate, and Creamy


Best Mango Coast Formula: Sweet, Delicate, and Creamy


Most of my formulas are covered up from you!! if you see this formula say (YUMMY). If you don’t we’ll totally vanish from your news nourish. Thank you

Best Mango Drift Formula: Sweet, Delicate, and Creamy


4 mugs whipping cream, cold


2 300ml cans condensed milk

18-20 graham crackers

8 ready mangoes, cut into lean slices


In the bowl of a stand blender, whip cream to hardened crests. Crease in condensed drain until no streaks stay. In a 9 x 13-inch holder, include 1/4th of the blend at that point spread as equally as possible.


Add a layer of graham saltines (approximately 1/3rd of the saltines add up to) over the cream. Rehash layers, finishing with a layer of cream on the top.

Cover the beat with cut mangoes, at that point cover the whole dish in plastic wrap. Put in the cooler and solidify overnight

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